Bitterballen Donder Op

“Bitterballen Donder Op”, with my band Alarido Mongólico, was a success and it got a bit of attention from the people and media.
When putting all of this together, suddenly a di erent kind of meaning emerges. The song does not have a particular message, but its essence is its recognizability. It does not require a lot of thought to lure people in. It creates a common platform for a lot of di erent people. The argument might be made that songs as simple as this just play to the lowest common denominator, but to reach the widest range of people, you have to start with the basics.

mi vida

In the action of this video we can see, in first person,
a hand that’s having an strange and sexually violent
action towards a few objects or unanimated elements
like couches, walls, fences, vessels…a literal massive
stuff finger blasting. The direction of the camera
positions us inside the game, and until the very last
scene we cannot get out of it and see the act from
outside. But once in the action, it makes all sense. In
this last scene we take part as spectators of the action
in third person, we find the ecstasy of the action. In
other words, in the moments that we were taking part
of the event we were in instasy and it is not till the last
shot that we can spot the ecstasy in it for the very first

How to blow a dick

In collaboration with Gerrit Rietveld Academie’s glass
department. This video displays “how to blow a dick”.
The most part of the videos that we consume on social
media aren’t watched for a certain purpose, just for
the sake of watching them. The result of the video
makes emphasis on this.